Frequently asked questions

How do I buy a bag?

Previously I always anounced on my Instagram story when a bag would be posted. Then it was possible to buy a bag by sending me a DM. However, I decided to automate this process and create a normal webshop. I will still announce when a bag will be launched, but now you can just purchase the bag on the webshop. This saves me, as well as you, a lot of time.

Which payment methods do you accept?

1. Paypal 2. Bancontact 3. VISA/MASTERCARD

Are your bags authentic and how do you check it?

Yes, all the bags we sell are authentic. We have years of experience in the luxury world and know how to recognize authenticity. However, if there is any doubt in our mind, we use an external authentication company.

Why am I always too late to buy the bag?

Unfortunately, the downside to our success is that the bags sell out very quickly! When we post a bag, usually they are sold within a few minutes. As a result, a lot of people miss the bag just by a few minutes or even seconds. We apologize for this.

Can I return a product?

Any product can be returned within 5 days after receiving it, if the product is not as described. We always try to describe the state of the product as accurate as possible, but if you receive a faulty or broken item, please contact us within 5 days! We are allowed to deny returns for invalid reasons.